Electricity Division

Electricity Division

NOW E&S Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and installing switchboards for ships, electrical control equipment, automatic control panel, and automated systems in various areas, including onshore industrial plant, water treatment, and offshore plant.

More specifically, the company manufactures the low-voltage switchboard and distribution system applied to Drill-Ship, FPSO, etc. in the shipbuilding and marine areas; the automatic control panel system with Bridge Control Console, and Engine Control Console, which is installed in Wheel House, Engine Control Room, etc.; switchboard systems used in the power plant, a variety of industrial plants, water treatment, and other areas, such as high voltage switchboard, low voltage switch board, motor control center, and distribution board; PLC / DCS Panel, auto control panel, relevant systems, SCADA, TM / TC, central monitoring system, and other kinds of switchboard and automatic control board and system.

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